Quilt #4

This is my fourth quilt on my longarm.  I haven’t thought of a name yet, so it’s just going by #4.  I figured by numbering them as I do them, I will have a benchmark for my improvement.  One of my goals was to have a lot of good texture.

 Since the Quilt had an open space in the middle, I got some practice doing a center design.

I really like the way that the outside border feathering turned out.

Here is a view from the back.

It’s a small quilt measuring in at 34″ X 34″.  It would work as a baby quilt, or as a table topper.  I’m trying to decide which fabric(s) to use as a binding.

2 thoughts on “Quilt #4”

  1. Your work is beautiful. I was wondering if you provide the batting and if so what do you use? Also what thread are you using and do you wind your own bobbins? Any help for this poor old newbie would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  2. Thank you! I'm pretty new to this myself, but I am stocking batting (Hobbs 80/20 and Warm and White). I wind my own bobbins using whichever thread I'm using on the top. I've tried Sew Fine #50, OMNI and King Tut so far.

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