Announcing: More Coloring Quilt Classes Scheduled!


We have scheduled more sessions of my Coloring Quilts Tips and Techniques Class at The Pine Needle in Lake Oswego, OR.   You can currently sign up for a class on May 15th or June 22nd.  I know my last three class sessions sold out, so if you are wanting to get into one of these classes and they fill up too, be sure and get on the waiting list for another class.  We can always add more to meet demand!

4 thoughts on “Announcing: More Coloring Quilt Classes Scheduled!”

  1. Hi there!
    I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to find an email address for you, so I’ll try this instead.
    I loved your quilt that is in the MQX show (I saw it in New Hampshire.) And then I found your youtube video about the process and enjoyed that too, very clear. I was wondering if you would clarify one thing for me though: When you say you are using free motion quilting for the black lines…do you mean that you make it up on the cloth as you quilt? As in there is no drawing on the cloth to follow? It is miraculous enough (even with some drawing on the quilt top), but to do those complex drawings without any guidelines on the top seems, well …superhuman!
    Thanks for any information you’ll share. Love your work! Sorry that I am too far away to take a class, at least at this stage of my life.

    1. Hi Karen – Thanks for the heads up about not having a contact link on my new site. I think we’ve taken care of that now. As to your question, yes – I do make almost all of the quilting up as I go along. I find it less stressful to have very little of a plan starting out. Nothing to worry about comparing myself to as I quilt. For this quilt, I had doodled a very similar leaf that I really liked, so I gave myself the general outline of it where I thought it should go, and then just recreated it as I quilted it. I also gave myself a straight line where I wanted the inset border of bubbles and lines to go (using blue water soluble marker). Other than that, it’s just my doodle quilting to fill in all the negative space and I decide on the fly what is next as I quilt. It’s too bad you aren’t closer, as I am teaching my doodle quilting approach at Modern Domestic PDX at the end of May.

  2. I love your work so much ! I have spent days in practice. What weight thread are you using and is it synthetic?

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